Research: Bloggers Want CEOs to Take Them Seriously

In the second set of results from blogger research conducted by The 10 Company and Gotham Research Group, the companies take a look at blogger relations, particularly interaction with CEOs.

Based on interviews with 10 corporate and business news bloggers from top-tier national, regional, and trade publications, the research found that bloggers feel there’s a lack of respect from company CEOs and senior staff members. Moreover, they think they don’t get enough access to CEOs (an interview a couple times per year would suffice). And bloggers would like credit for the audiences that they attract, in some cases, very large and influential audiences.

Based on what we hear, a media hit in a print publication or on a broadcast program is still the kind of media coverage that clients are seeking. Nevertheless, it’s important to reach the influential writers who are publishing online as well. They, too, can raise awareness of your news and have the power to draw negative attention to your company.

Part of bringing blogger relations into the fold is keeping up with who’s who in the areas of greatest importance to you. That’s where keeping an up-to-date media list — that most basic of PR items — becomes really important.

Another part is working with bloggers in ways that are helpful to their kinds of stories. EConsultancy has pulled together a list of nine examples of what it considers stellar blogger relations. In some cases, it’s just inviting bloggers to the party. In other cases, it’s working with unique schedules.

We’re also including a link here to Monday’s Media Equation column from The New York Times. During SXSW, reporters discussed aggregation and the ethical use of material by bloggers. There are times when your media placement ends up spreading far and wide because of blogger pick up, which is both a good thing for everyone and a bad thing for some. Understanding the issues involved with online media and taking that into account when you’re devising your strategy is another way to make your media relations — blogger or otherwise — more effective.