Research: Marketing, Ad Execs Don’t Have Big Hiring Plans for Q2

The Creative Group Hiring Index for Marketing and Advertising Professionals found that hiring for the second quarter could be at a virtual standstill.

The recruitment firm interviewed 500 pros (375 marketing execs at companies with 100 or more employees, and 125 from ad agencies with 20 or more staffers) and found that 80 percent expect no changes in staff size, up four percent from the previous quarter. Only 13 percent will add full-timers in the next three months.

Still, when asked about growth prospects, 91 percent said they were optimistic. Also, on the bright side, PR, social media, and marketing research, some of the areas where comms pros excel, are areas where execs expect to hire.

Also important: 41 percent of respondents said it’s hard to find skilled marketing and ad pros. Click here for more info on the study, and here for some of our recent job listings. And, according to Business Insider, Google is looking to staff up the “Google Fiber” team of product pros and marketers.

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