Retail Brands Win on Social Media With Engaging Seasonal Content

Champs Sports, GameStop and Tiffany’s are the top retail brands on social media thanks to their ability to create sharable and engaging content.

retail brands

Social media has become the domain of brands, as the medium continues to grow up. Still, while some brands clearly get it, others haven’t mastered the art of engaging consumers on social media.

Social engagement analytics firm Engagement Labs released its retail index, ranking the performance of retail brands on social media. Engagement Labs gives each brand a an “evalue” score based on social engagement, responsiveness and impact.

SocialTimes got an exclusive look at the data; Champs Sports, GameStop and Tiffany’s scored at the top. Engagement Labs attributes this to their ability to create thoughtful, sharable and engaging content. According to the company, Champs’ secret is in the consistency and seasonality of the content. For Tiffany’s, it was interactive content, clever use of hashtags and effectively engaging consumers during the holidays.

In fact, brands that were inconsistent and didn’t post seasonally-relevant content found themselves at the bottom of the ranking. These brands included Levi’s, Gap, Coach and Guess.

Check out the list below to see how the brands scored on the Engagement Labs retail index:

Retail brands

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