Reuters Releases Social Pulse, A Social Media Hub

Reuters on Thursday released Social Pulse, a social media dashboard that shows what’s hot on social networks, with a focus on business news.

The site is divided into multiple sections: A top articles section, a social sentiment section, a section showing the Klout scores of CEOs, a hot tweets section and a section of stories that are popular on On the right rail is a section called “Live Wire,” a series of hot links curated by Social Media Editor Anthony DeRosa.

The top articles section, called “The Hit List” and powered by Percolate, a social news service, shows the most popular stories that are being shared by people who are followed by Reuters’ official accounts and by their journalists. These stories are not necessarily Reuters stories; in fact, on Thursday afternoon, only one of the six stories in that section was from Reuters (Director of News Product Alex Leo’s blog post announcing Social Pulse).

The social sentiment section is perhaps my favorite feature. It takes a couple of major companies, and charts both their social sentiment and their stock price. It’s really cool to see the comparison. This feature is powered by WiseWindow, a keyword analysis tool.

The Klout section takes CEOs who use social media and ranks the top 50, according to their Klout score.

Below is “The Conversation,” which is a a collection of interesting tweets, hand-curated by Reuters’ social media staff.

The “Hot on Reuters” section ranks Reuters articles, based on which ones got the most comments, and Reuters videos, based on which ones got the most views.

Social Pulse is a great tool that allows someone who doesn’t have much time to see what’s hot on the social Web. I look forward to the expansion of this product to other verticals, like politics, and can’t wait to see what new features will be added.