Rhode Island Residents To Receive Treasury Cash Flow Report via Twitter

The Rhode Island Treasury Department is joining the Twitter bandwagon by way of its daily cash flow report which will be sent on real-time via Twitter tweets. Ok folks, don’t even think that we are joking here. What we’re saying is true. The Rhode Island Office of the General Treasurer will soon be broadcasti
ng the state’s cash flow through the office’s very own Twitter account. This was announced by none other than Rhode Island’s Treasurer Frank T. Caprio. Each day, the General Treasurer’s office will post tweets containing highlights of the State’s gross revenues and expenditures coming from the State’s General Fund. To put it in simpler terms, the tweets would report how money the State is spending and how much money it is earning for the day.
This report is also available at the Rhode Island’s Treasury website where Rhode Island taxpayers can view the itemized spending of the Treasury Office.
If you’re from Rhode Island and you want to see these daily tweets, simply the Rhode Island Treasury website, or follow the Rhode Island Treasury from your Twitter account.
Now this is what I call transparency in the Government in 140 characters or less.

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