Rob Reiner Is Hiring a Few Good Journalists

For Shock and Awe, shooting soon in New Orleans.

Like most American cities, New Orleans has been hit hard by the changes roiling print newspapers. However, as noted by Mike Scott of the Times-Picayune, there’s a bit of fictional good news.

Rob Reiner needs men ages 18 to early 60s to portray D.C. newsroom journalists for his latest project Shock and Awe, which begins shooting in The Big Easy Oct. 5. For anyone, unemployed journalist or otherwise, interested in this background assignment, all that’s needed is business attire and availability for all days (Oct. 19-21 and Oct. 23-26).

From Scott’s item:

Shock and Awe, which Reiner has been developing for several years, is based on a true story, focusing on a team of investigative reporters with the Knight Ridder newspaper chain who countered the Bush administration narrative linking Saddam Hussein to the al-Quaida terror network – and to weapons of mass destruction – leading up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Reiner is shooting from a script by Joey Hartstone, who also wrote the screenplay for the filmmaker’s forthcoming political drama LBJ, which will be the opening-night selection at October’s New Orleans Film Festival.

Toplining the movie about a group The Huffington Post once described as “The Reporting Team That Got Iraq Right” are Alec Baldwin and Tommy Lee Jones. Shock and Awe reunites Reiner with Jorva Productions, which financed his 2015 drama Being Charlie, co-written by the filmmaker’s son Nick.

P.S. Presumably, there will also be female journalists featured in the film’s fictitious newsroom. It’s not unusual for extra casting calls to be broken out, separately, by gender.

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