Roger Ailes Hints at New York Mag Lawsuit

You'll never guess which lawyer Ailes hired.

Roger Ailes has hired lawyer du jour Charles Harder and hinted that a lawsuit could be coming for New York mag and its national affairs editor Gabriel Sherman.

According to The Financial Times, Harder sent a letter to New York asking the magazine to retain Sherman’s documents related to Ailes. Sherman was responsible for breaking multiple stories about Ailes and the many, many women accusing him of sexual harassment.

If Ailes does sue Sherman, at least that might mean he’s done thinking about hiring someone to “beat the shit out of” Sherman.” So… Good?

In a statement to Politico, New York confirmed that Harder had contacted the magazine.

“New York Media and Gabriel Sherman were contacted by Charles Harder on behalf of Roger and Elizabeth Ailes, asking that we preserve documents related to the Ailes, for a possible defamation claim. The letter sent by Harder was not informative as to the substance of their objections to the reporting.”

Harder has been in the news (and attacking the news) a lot lately. He was behind Peter Thiel’s revenge plot lawsuit that took down Gawker Media and he’s also repping Melania Trump as she sues The Daily Mail.