Roland Martin: ‘Sorry Fam, No CNN Tonight’

CNN Contributor Roland Martin will not be on the network tonight during post-debate coverage. Some of his Twitter fans are none too pleased about it.

For instance, @enicole827 writes, “Will u be on @CNN tonight after the debate? I’m getting pretty tired of u not being on.” Martin replied, “Sorry, I won’t be on.” To another he wrote, “Nope. Never asked to do any this year. Sorry.”

D.C. insiders say CNN’s top brass detests that Martin is fully engaged with his social media audience. A search for his name reveals a number of fans imploring him to go on MSNBC. Martin has replied that he can’t because he’s under contract with CNN through February 2013.

While Martin isn’t publicly condemning CNN for not having him on tonight or next week, he has felt the need to apologize to his sizable Twitter family that’s clamoring for him to be included in post-debate coverage that landed CNN in dead last place last week. “Sorry, fam,” he writes. “No @cnn tonight or next week for me on pre or post-debate discussion.”

But Martin won’t be invisible. For the last two debates, as well as tonight, he has teamed up with the New York-based non partisan group, Young Professionals 4 change, to host debate viewing parties. What’s more, he has partnered with activist Jeff Johnson and they will do debate analysis at, where Johnson hosts a weekly show.

Among CNN’s guests tonight will be civil rights activist Van Jones. Martin’s followers are mildly content with him, but, as one male calling himself Tachala put it, “Take the other brother off, because he is USELESS.” Tachala added, “It’s mind boggling how your not on CNN during the debates. We know they don’t want two bros on there together, they should.”

Per our sister site TVNewser: CNN’s coverage begins at 7pmET… Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and John King will be in Washington, while Erin Burnett will be in Ohio with a group of undecided voters. Soledad O’Brien, Jessica Yellin and Dana Bash will be at the debate site. As for the past two debates, the network will incorporate fact-checking into post-debate coverage.

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