Roll Call Scribe Finds Fan in Outkast’s Big Boi

If you’re looking for solid reporting and “real news facts,” Big Boi of the hip-hop duo Outkast directs you to Roll Call‘s Ryan Teague Beckwith.

NJ‘s Ethan Klapper sent out a tweet last night saying that his “life is complete now” when he noticed the news parody account “CNN After Dark” was following him. “Felt the same way when @BigBoi started following me, for still unknown reasons,” Beckwith said in response to Klapper.

That’s when Big Boi himself chimed in. “[B]ecause u give real news facts,” he said.

Beckwith appeared delighted. “Thanks! I respect the work you put in your lyrics too,” he tweeted back to Big Boi.

The scribe then posted the conversation to his Facebook.

Asked how it feels to be Big Boi’s go-to guy for real news facts, Beckwith told us he initially didn’t believe it was the Big Boi. “I’ve been followed by fake accounts before, so my first thought was it wasn’t really him,” he said.

Beckwith wasn’t kidding when he told Big Boi in a tweet that he respects “the work” he puts in his lyrics. “As a journalist, part of what I like is his attention to detail,” Beckwith said. “Big Boi has lines like ‘negative one minus negative one is nothing,’ which is not only a great metaphor for a troubled relationship but also mathematically accurate.” Entertaining and educational. We’re into it.

How Big Boi came to follow Beckwith, he’s unsure. “I was going to [direct message] him and ask, but I was a little worried he’d unfollow me!” Beckwith said. “Then he tweeted back at me, so I guess he just found me on his own, which is even cooler.”

And to satisfy inquiring minds, Beckwith explained his long name to us. “Teague is my middle name, but it’s what my dad calls me, so I’ve always included it in my bylines,” he said. So, he uses his full name for personal reasons, but also practical. “As a side benefit, it gives me much better SEO than ‘Ryan Beckwith.'”

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