Romney, Obama and others in this week’s top PTAT gainers for political pages

Mitt Romney is this week’s top gaining political page when it comes to the People Talking About This metric. With the upcoming presidential election, Romney and the Republican Party’s campaign team has displayed their social media prowess with an agressive social marketing effort. With 728,938 in weekly PTAT growth, Romney’s numbers easily dwarf those of President Obama with only 278,789 new engagements.

The top 10 political pages saw PTAT growth between 34,293 and 728,938 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1   Mitt Romney 3,283,749 0 +728,938
2   Barack Obama 2,884,682 -49,735 +278,789
3   I HATE JULIA GILLARD 229,819 +28,081 +229,376
4   Veterans for Obama 153,504 +122,329 +126,476
5   ดร. ธีระชน มโนมัยพิบูลย์ 306,599 +19,358 +78,008
6   Eres mas Falso que las Pr… 81,589 +10,714 +77,357
7   African Americans for Obama 131,928 0 +67,144
8   Greg Abbott 55,328 0 +53,991
9   I Hate Nawaz Shareef (The… 84,084 -1,451 +39,039
10   Latinos for Obama 76,167 +1,334 +34,293


In last few weeks, Romney’s campaign has looked to social media as a solid way to amass supporters. We have actually covered how they are using it to their advantage especially in comparison with the incumbent president. Much of Romney’s posts receive well over 100,000 Likes, yet page Likes have not grown nearly as rapidly. As you can tell by the graph below, the page has drawn solid engagement through the week, which are usually the result of Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads. We’ve also seen the page running Sponsored Stories and Sponsored Results.

Although President Obama is behind in PTAT for his central page, three other pages in the top 10 are related to his campaign. Something that also should be noted is that First Lady Michelle Obama actually has gained more PTAT than both presidential candidates, but is under the category Public Figures rather than politicians. It’s worth noting that all of the First Lady’s recent page posts are dedicated to her husband’s reelection campaign.

As for the president’s central page, it boasts over 31 million Likes, which makes it a much larger audience to Romney’s 10 million. The PTAT of the page has actually decreased the last few days so it will be interesting to see how they look to improve this with the election less than two weeks away.

Visit PageData to see more about the top talked about pages among politicians, public figures as well as other categories.

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