Rovio’s Retry Flies onto iOS, Android

Rovio has announced the launch of Retry on iOS and Android devices, a game that’s described as being so hard that players will think they’ve stepped into “an 8-bit time machine” to the year 1986. The pixelated, level-based action game sees players flying a tiny plane through side-scrolling courses, with subtlety being king when it comes to controlling the aircraft. Let’s just say the game is called “Retry” for a reason.

In each level of Retry, players tap on the screen to fly. Even the slightest of taps sends the plane soaring, so tapping for too long sends the plane into a loop. While this doesn’t guarantee failure, it’s difficult to recover when spiraling out of control, and players will most likely crash and have to start over at the beginning of the stage, or their last unlocked checkpoint.

Players must land successfully in front of these checkpoint buildings while flying, a task that’s easier said than done. Once they land, users have the option (not the requirement) of paying currency to unlock this building as a restart checkpoint in case they fail later in the stage. Users can also watch a video ad to unlock the checkpoint for free.

At the end of each stage, players receive up to three stars, relating to simply finishing the stage, having a small number of crashes, and so on. Players can retry stages to attempt to earn these missed stars. Levels become more complicated as players progress, with more obstacles to dive under or fly over, moving obstacles, and more.

Over time, players will unlock achievements for flying long distances, crashing a large number of times and more.

Retry is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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