Rumble Entertainment’s KingsRoad Launches on iPad

KingsRoadRumble Entertainment, a mobile developer and publisher comprised of veterans from BioWare and Blizzard, has announced the release of KingsRoad on iPad devices. The RPG was previously released on Facebook and browser, and takes players to the kingdom of Alderstone, where they’ll defeat enemies and bosses on a quest to save the land from the evil forces of Adamar. The game features cross-platform play for picking up progress across multiple devices.

In KingsRoad, players can choose to be an archer, warrior or wizard, each with their own skills. Players complete level-based quests, and will earn skill points as their hero gains experience point levels. These skill points can be spent on a variety of class-specific skills to unlock new powers for the hero’s hotbar during combat.

While exploring an environment, players tap on the ground to move around, and tap on enemies to attack them. Their hero will auto-attack enemies after the battle has been initiated, and once a single enemy is defeated, they’ll automatically attack any nearby enemies as well. Since the hero is auto-attacking, players can manually trigger their special attacks at just the right time.

Players may earn free gear from fallen enemies, and can equip this gear in the middle of a quest. Gamers can also destroy wooden crates or barrels, potentially receiving free prizes inside (like coins). These coins can be spent on new items in the store, like food and ale used to recharge health and mana during a quest.KingsRoadAs players collect new loot, they can sell their older pieces for additional coins, or head to the blacksmith, where they can transform older items into better pieces. Players start with access to only “fine” level crafting, but can unlock additional qualities with premium currency or wait to upgrade the forge over time.

After players have completed all of the game’s missions on normal difficulty, they’ll unlock a higher “Heroic” difficulty. After completing those missions, they’ll unlock the final “Champion” difficulty. For even more replayability, each mission map has a mastery rating. The more times players complete each map, the greater their mastery of that particular stage, which translates into free premium currency.

For social features, players can join guilds, take part in competitive arenas and even complete maps in multiplayer cooperative play.KingsRoad“It has always been Rumble’s vision to take the elements we’ve loved best from top-notch console and PC games – engrossing worlds, beautiful visual design, gameplay that’s innately fun – and bring them to mobile devices,” said Greg Richardson, founder and CEO of Rumble Entertainment, in a statement. “KingsRoad delivers on that vision, with classic action-RPG gameplay perfected for touchscreens. I think gamers are going to be surprised at just how much great content we’ve crammed into one mobile game.”

KingsRoad is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.