Salesforce Grows Its Analytics Ecosystem

Adds partners to sift social influence, intelligence, intent

Over the summer Salesforce launched Radian6 Insights to help brands digest all the social signals available to them. But with Radian6 being combined with Buddy Media to form the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce is now rolling Radian6 Insights into the platform for all Marketing Cloud customers and has expanded the number of social analytics sources to include 20 partners.

Building the insights tool into the Marketing Cloud platform makes it "super actionable,” said Rob Begg, Salesforce Marketing Cloud vp of marketing. In addition to monitoring what consumers are saying about a brand, marketers can now apply those discoveries to creating social content or ads, he said.

Begg said Salesforce has grown the number of companies integrated into the tool fivefold to include: Bitext, Calais, Caterva, Clarabridge Link, EpiAnalytics, Kanjoya, Klout, Kred, LeadSift, Lexalytics, LinguaSys, Lymbix, Metavana, OpenAmplify, PeekAnalytics, Rapleaf, Solariat, Soshio, The SelfService Company and Trendspottr. To help marketers wrap their heads around how to use the analytics ecosystem Salesforce has compiled, the company has grouped them into three categories: intelligence, influence and intent.

The core idea is that marketers will use Klout or Kred to pick out who their influencers are, turn to Kanjora to sift through those influencers’ tweets for social sentiment, and then have Solariat analyze intent and see how those influencers may lead their own followers further down a brand’s conversion funnel.

Or as Begg put it, “the concept is to show a 25-year-old in Los Angeles who is influential about music and shopping for a tablet.” 

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