Samba Rio Slot Comes to Brasingo on Facebook

Samba Rio SlotIn celebration of the upcoming summer season in South America, Caleta Gaming has announced the launch of a new content update in its bingo and slot machine game Brasingo on Facebook. The update brings the Samba Rio slot to the game, featuring samba dancers and Copacabana-themed symbols.

This Samba Rio slot is available to all players, and comes with options for changing the number of active lines per bet and the bet per line. An auto-spin option is also available. Like in other games in Brasingo, users will receive collectibles for receiving certain matches on the reels. For instance, players win a Lime Juice for spinning three maracas in a single payline. Once players earn all necessary collectibles, they level up and continue their journey on the game’s world map.

“With Summer approaching in LatAm and with our mobile version soon to be launched, we want to let all our players enjoy the Samba Rio slot,” said David Marcus, spokesman for Brasingo, in a statement. “There are 8 themed items that players need to collect in Samba Rio to unlock the final stage of their journey in Brazil before they unlock either the USA, Argentina or Mexico.”BrasingoThe overall game of Brasingo combines bingo games and slot machines with the aforementioned collection-based quests and level progression. Players start in one country on the world map, and can complete bingo games that are more complex than you might initially imagine. Instead of calling out numbers slowly, one by one, the game focuses on speed, pulling all of the round’s numbers at once, with the option of auto-daubing them as they appear. If players choose to manually daub numbers, they’re on the clock, and must daub all numbers correctly before running out of time.

Players bet their virtual coins on each game, and win some back for daubing complete single lines or complex shapes like a large “C” or a pyramid on a card, among others.

Bingo boards and slot machines contain bonus games, which may see players spinning prize wheels, turning over objects to find coins underneath, and so on.

Brasingo is available to play for free on Facebook.

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