San Diego Museum Thieves Skip the Collection, Hit the ATM

Early last year, this writer was something of a jerk picking on the museums of Sau Paulo, Brazil after a string of museum robberies. We felt a little bad about it then and we feel even worse now because at least when Brazilian art thieves break into a museum, they go after the valuable stuff like Picassos and Portinaris. Here in the US, we are apparently not as blessed with criminals of such mental development, as we read this from San Diego:

San Diego police are looking for burglars who tore the door from a museum and stole an automatic teller machine.

Sgt. Ray Battrick says a burglar alarm at 5:12 a.m. Tuesday brought officers to the Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park.

He says thieves apparently tore off the door frame and damaged a security gate then used a cable to pull out the ATM.

Granted, it’s the Air & Space Museum, so there probably aren’t a ton of Monets hanging on the walls, but still guys, lay off the museums unless you’re serious burglars, okay? Unless maybe they were artists themselves and they wanted to symbolize what a mess the art market is? Hey, weirder things have happened.

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