Sandberg Describes “Active Networks” on Facebook at AdAge Digital Conference

Yesterday in her keynote at the AdAge Digital Conference in New York, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg discussed what she called Facebook users’ “active networks,” framing some recently published data on Facebook users’ social behavior for the agencies, brands, and marketers in attendance.

Sandberg defined users’ active networks by the type of communication that happens in the stream, highlighting that the stream leads to greater connectedness with your network than direct or reciprocal communication. Sandberg wrote afterward,

“This stream communication, rather than reciprocal and direct communication, forms your active network. Whenever you interact with a story in the stream–whether you “Like” a piece of content, comment on it or simply click on it–the person sharing it becomes part of your active network… With greater connectedness has come the ability for people to influence one another with more speed and efficiency.

As the data shows above, Facebook has found that people use the stream to communicate with twice as many people as they send messages or wall posts to, and four times as many people as they have reciprocal conversations with. In the very least, it’s an interesting sociological phenomenon that appears to have held so far across a large set of people.

Whether or not marketers currently buy the opportunities generated by this kind of social behavior on Facebook fully or not, it’s clear that Facebook is a communications platform that cannot simply be ignored.

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