Sasha Frere-Jones Takes Issue with NY Times

Oh the tragedy

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, respected pop music critic Sasha Frere-Jones left his post at The New Yorker to join, a lyric annotation site. It shocked many in the media world because 1) Why would anyone leave The New Yorker and 2) Why would anyone leave The New Yorker for a site like that?

There was plenty of coverage and dramatic media hand-wringing over what was simply one man’s personal decision. Some of that coverage annoyed Frere-Jones. Specifically, The New York Times’ headline “Pop Music Critic Leaves The New Yorker to Annotate Lyrics for a Start-Up.”

“Yeah, that’s not exactly accurate,” Frere-Jones told Newsweek, when asked about the headline. “The point is not to have me annotating all these lyrics myself, by a long, long shot. They’ve been around a minute. They’re not really a startup… Although I like the piece — I thought the piece was fair and accurate — I didn’t like the headline.”

Forgive us if we’re not sympathetic of Frere-Jones’ plight. The headline is fine. Of course it’s not “exactly” accurate — it would be slightly difficult to fit an entire job description in a headline.

Here is how you know someone has a good life: When they’re lucky enough to be covered by the Times, yet all they notice is a headline that — according to them — isn’t perfect. We’d love to have those kinds of problems.

(Image: Rodger Cummins)

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