SAVE Harry and Louise

Each week in the Fishbowl, we’ve been bringing you a column where we help Harry Jaffe and his wife, Louise, with their advice column in Washingtonian. Jaffe is an accomplished, well-respected journalist and we’ve always found it a little weird that he’s answering relationship advice questions with no real qualifications. So, we’ve been answering the questions that their readers submit. As we always say, if THEY’RE qualified to give advice, WE’RE qualified to give advice.

So, this morning, when we ventured to their website to get some fresh questions, GASP! The page is down!! The Washingtonian website is still functional, but when we click on our bookmarked link, we get this message:

The requested URL /blogs/askharrylouise/index.html was not found on this server.

This can’t be! Sure, we mocked the advice given by Harry and Louise, but dammit, we loved that column! We live for their often-silly, but always-entertaining brand of bad advice.

We speed dialed Washingtonian to wage war with Garrett Graff, but we were blindsided when we were told that Harry and Louise had NOT been canceled, but that today marks a “relaunch” of the Washingtonian website. We were instructed to keep checking back while they “work out the kinks” and that our beloved Harry and Louise, along with other columns that have slipped through the cracks of the redesign would be back. Stay tuned.



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