Say Hello To The #1 Social Media Marketing Vehicle

Why do the vast majority of brands still have uninspiring Facebook pages that haven’t put an ounce of strategic thought into their appearance? Listen, if you’re going to have your brand mixing it up with 750+ million people (umm, potential customers), don’t stand around at the party with your fly down.

Brands typically spend thousands on website design and minimal effort on their Facebook presence. New research by Neilsen suggests that these behaviors are lopsided and represent a poor business strategy. The conducted study reveals that Internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other website. Yep, your most loyal customer is shying away from your website in favor of their favorite social network.

So, if you’re lacking a compelling Facebook page, you are undoubtedly missing out on a prime opportunity to connect with your desired target.

Fortunately, launching a custom Facebook page is now easier than ever. North Social makes customizing your brand’s presence a cinch with 18 apps for activating promotions, sharing exclusive content, distributing coupons, and more. Simply pick the apps that align with your marketing objectives, layer on eye-catching design, and you’ll have a fan-worthy page in no time.

Watch how cosmetics brand Temptu gave their page a makeover with North Social apps:

When trying to promote or sell your own brand, the first rule is to greet your visitors with a pearly white smile and a confidence-building handshake. Setting up a nice soft landing pad for your visitors with a good fan conversion mechanism can provide just the added polish you need to engage and capture the interest of a drive-by visitor.

Thousands of small businesses, non-profits, and global brands shine with custom pages using North Social apps to increase engagement with their customer base.

Are you winning over the crowd or is your Facebook page giving off the wrong first impression?

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