Sayer Polling App Officially Launches on iOS

The Sayer app allows users to answer polls, follow other users and create their own questions for the community to answer.

Sayer, a social platform for crowdsourced opinions, has launched in full on iOS devices. Though not the first polling app on mobile devices, Sayer encourages users to share their opinions on thought-provoking questions or topics. The Sayer app also allows users to create their own questions, called ‘Sooths,’ for other users to answer.

The Sayer platform offers both light-hearted questions (perhaps related to entertainment or ‘would you rather’ prompts, as examples), as well as serious questions about things like politics. Upon creating an account, users will see a list of trending polls, and can answer as few or as many as they’d like. When a user selects his or her response to each question, they’ll be shown the percentage breakdown for all responses to the poll to see how their answer compares.

In a statement, Patrick Davis, founder and CEO of Sayer, commented:

Over the last few years, I’ve found myself losing interest in social media, and I wanted to figure out why. I realized that the best conversations in the non-digital world are fueled by thought-provoking questions. But, as I scrolled through my social feeds, they were less question-based and mostly comprised of narcissistic statements—status updates, announcements, and too many selfies. We set out to build a social community based around conversation-inspiring questions, what we call Sooths.

When creating their own Sooths, prompts are split into two major categories: predictions or polls. These are further broken down by category, like business or sports, as examples. Users can add up to five possible responses to each Sooth, and can tag their questions to make them easier to find by others.


Users can choose an expiration date to limit the time others have to respond to their prompt, and questions can be shared to Facebook and Twitter from within the app. In addition to answering prompts as they appear in the trending feed, users can search for all Sooths of a specific category, or search for specific tags.

As a social platform, each user has a profile for tracking their participation in the app. In the case of predictions, the app provides a results percentage based on how many predictions they have correctly and incorrectly answered. Users can follow others to keep track of their new questions, and can view the questions each user has answered or created over time on their profile. These profiles also include each user’s overall points ranking in the app (users earn points for correct predictions).

Davis continued:

We want to nurture a community where anyone can exercise their curiosity and have fun questioning the world around them. It’s a place to ponder and debate about what will be, or what could be, and share in that experience with others.

Sayer is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The platform is backed by $1.1 million in seed funding.

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