Scholastic Launches Storia App In Beta

Scholastic has created a new children’s book app called Storia, which parents can use to track their children’s reading progress. According to Scholastic’s site, “Storia allows you to track your reader’s progress through each book. Find out what new words they learned, how many pages they read, and how long your child spent reading each day.”

Storia includes about 1,300 different eBooks, as well as interactive games, puzzles and quizzes that readers can buy from the publisher within the app. The app, which is currently available in beta form for teachers and students that buy through the Scholastic Book Clubs, comes with five free eBooks.

Scholastic Media president Deborah Forte told NPR that the idea is to make eBooks “more accessible and more relevant,” and said that the app will be used “as a way to support reading and something that’s just plain fun.”

The app is currently only available for PCs, though the site says that new versions are coming soon. This will include versions for Mac OS, iPad, Android tablets, as well as for iPhone and Android smart phones. The app is slated for general release this fall, and is expected to have more than 2,000 books by that time.