Screenwriting Guru Blames Robert McKee

This weekend, Peter Fox (pictured) will be teaching another one of his two-day “Inside Track” screenwriting workshops at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey. The one-time Hollywood script reader and doctor has been in this sideline business for over a decade now, and though he has never taken a film through to the screen, he did help push along Air Force One.

Ahead of the February 4-5 $279 event, Fox chatted with Gannett’s Among other things, he recalled how the spark for his seminars practice turned out to be an LA event put on in the 1980s by the story structure field’s most celebrated name, Robert McKee:

“It was such a let down,” Fox said while calling from his Connecticut home. “McKee wouldn’t field any questions, and well, it just wasn’t a pleasant experience. But that experience made me realize that I could compete with this guy. I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to eat his lunch.’”

Fighting words, for sure. Then again, confidence is a large part of the Hollywood game, so if this grandson of silent film actress Rosa Rudami can impart that along with a firm grasp of three-act storytelling, power to him.

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