See The Weather On The Android Home Screen

If you are fan of live wallpaper on Android phones you might have tried the Google Maps live wallpaper and then quickly moved on to another wallpaper. The Google Maps wallpaper shows a map of your current location on the home screen. The live part being that the map changes based on where you are located. Google has released an update to Google Maps that includes an enhanced version of the wallpaper. In addition to showing live traffic updates on the wallpaper you can configure it show the weather. The weather display is shown as a small icon on the map.

One word of caution. When I loaded the Google Maps live wallpaper on my Nexus One I immediately got an alert from Watchdog reporting that it was using 47% of the CPU. Yesterday I wrote about how bad apps that over utilize the CPU are a bigger problem than apps that consume lots of memory and Watchdog is a utility that monitors the phone and alerts you when an app is using too much of the CPU. In addition to dragging performance, I suspect this live wallpaper may also have a higher drain on the battery.

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