Seeing Lots Of Twitter Spam Lately? Here’s How To Report It

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Have you seen any of these tweets lately? They’re most likely spam, and they’re quite the epidemic on Twitter. The company is trying to fight spammy content like this that contains deceptive marketing or malware links, but you can help, too.

Here’s how to report spam tweets in a few simple steps:

Before you can report spam, you’ve got to be able to identify it. What exactly is Twitter spam?

We wrote a while back about 5 clues that you’re reading Twitter spam that are all good indicators of spammy content. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • Hashtag stuffing
  • Untrusted links
  • Untrusted accounts
  • Out-of-character tweets from trusted accounts
  • Accounts only a few days old

And Twitter has its own list of what constitutes spam, such as repeatedly posting duplicate content, posting links with unrelated tweets, aggressive following behavior and creating multiple accounts.

If the tweet you’re reading hits even one of these markers, it’s likely spam.

So what to do about that spammer who’s harassing you on Twitter?

The easiest thing to do about a spammer is to simply report him or her to Twitter. You can do this by visiting their profile, clicking the person silhouette in the right-hand corner, and clicking “Report @usernameofspammer for spam” on the dropdown menu that appears.

Immediately upon clicking that link, the spam account will be blocked from following you and replying to you. They won’t be able to see your tweets or interact with you in any way. Twitter will also be notified about the possible spam account, and their Trust and Safety Team will review its standing.

Spam is all over social media, and Twitter is especially targeted as it’s such an open network. However, you can help the company fight it – and get rid of the spammers targeting your account – by reporting it when you see it.

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