Self-Improvement App ChallengePact Launches on iOS

ChallengePactMotivational self-improvement platform ChallengePact has launched on iPhone, helping users achieve their personal goals by connecting them with like-minded individuals, with the theory that groups of users can inspire each other to keep their commitments. The app allows users to create their own challenges and goals, or browse and join those listed by others.

When downloading ChallengePact, users create an account using Facebook and can add their own personal challenges with one of three frequencies: a one time challenge, a “whenever” challenge that can be completed at any time going forward, or a repeating challenge that can be created with specific timed criteria.

These challenges can be anything from “walk 20 minutes everyday” to “study Spanish language books,” depending on the goals of each individual user. These repeated challenges can be given end-dates, and the app keeps track of the number of challenges users have successfully completed (on an honor system).

When searching for existing challenges, users can browse a variety of categories, including exercise, arts, health, family, learning, money, organization and more. Joining an existing challenge gives users a look at the list of other members in the particular challenge “team.” Users can follow each other and send each other messages for a community approach to keeping up with tasks. Users can also setup alerts within the app, so they’re personally notified to keep up with challenges.

“More and more individuals are looking for cool mobile apps to help them live better and healthier lives. At the same time, creating challenges with friends and families is becoming a popular way to attain goals by forming groups and sharing progress,” said ChallengePact founder and designer, Lawrence Norman, in a statement. “With ChallengePact, we bring both of these elements together, allowing people to quickly and easily challenge one another to better themselves, paired with the ability to connect with people in a familiar way – through their iPhones.”

ChallengePact is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. This free version allows users to send up to 20 messages to others for free, with additional message packs available via in-app purchase. Alternatively, a pro version of the app is available for a subscription price, starting at $2.99 a month. This pro version gives users access to unlimited messages, the ability to create private, “stealth” challenges and more.

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