Some Like It Hot

POTUS was on the road in Prince George’s County, MD Thursday morning and made an unscheduled lunch stop in Clinton, MD. According to pool reporter David Nakamura from WaPo, POTUS and Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) grabbed some BBQ ribs at Texas Ribs and BBQ restaurant. Nakamura tells us that he couldn’t hear what POTUS ordered, but he heard, “hot sauce got be hot. Do you want  me to pay up now or pay later?” While we like a man who appreciates that his “hot sauce got be hot,” Nakamura quickly corrected himself and sent out another pool update to correct his typo.

In pool report #4 your pooler left out word in a quote. Should be that Obama was heard saying “…hot sauce, got to be hot..”

Now if only someone could correct POTUS’s grammar, then this story would be fixed. More importantly, how does vegetable crazed FLOTUS feel about him eating a rack of greasy pork in the middle of the day?!?!


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