Sen. Ted Cruz’ (Should-Be-Former) Staffer Connects Ebola and Obamacare via Twitter

ebola obamacare


In the words of an ancient philosopher, “Let it go!

Ebola is gravely serious. We just cleared the scare in North Texas, and now Ebola has made its way to New York. This isn’t time for jokey jokes.

Yet, that doesn’t stop political satirists — otherwise known as politicians’ staffers — from getting 15 minutes of fame on the improv stage. Latest to the stand-up spotlight is Nick Muzin, deputy chief of staff for Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas). His tactic: tweet about a connection between Ebola and Obamacare.

There’s never a rotten tomato to throw when you need one.

Muzin, 38, is both a “political operative” and…wait for it…a physician. If anyone should know the staidness of this fatal disease that has already killed thousands in Africa, it’s this dude. Yet, here he is, shilling for his boss by tweeting this:

Thanks to Matthew Reichbach, we see that Muzin realized the error of his ways and deleted the poor attempt at humor. Apparently, someone (Cruz) got on his case and the follow-up appeared later:

“Didn’t translate well” is the new “We’re very sorry that some people got mad at us for our incredibly insensitive statement.”

Ya think?

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