LA Media Slobber All Over Russian Vodka Titan’s Mega-Yacht

Her name is Serene. She is the ninth largest yacht in the world, built in Italy, worth around $330 million and launched into the waters last summer.

After being spotted Wednesday in Venice by a KCAL news copter pilot, she is also the subject of some kooky speculation. Is the reputed owner, Russian vodka kingpin Yuri Shefler, looking to buy the Dodgers? Will guests be helicoptering in on one of two landing pads this weekend for an Oscar party that even Vanity Fair cannot possibly hope to match?

The best pick-up so far of this delightful Channel 9 news trail comes from Daily News reporter Sandy Mazza, who fills in many champagne-wish and caviar-dream blanks:

While few media outlets have been allowed onboard Serene, Boat International magazine featured the mega-yacht in its December 2011 issue. Among other things, the ship has a custom-made submarine that can dive to 300 feet, an indoor saltwater pool, a “snow room” that generates three to four inches of powder, and a private interior “Nemo room” with a glass bottom view of the ocean below.

Serene arrived in San Pedro last Friday before moving on to Marina del Rey and now, Venice.

[Photo courtesy KCAL]

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