Seth Meyers Covers Capitol File

Late Night with Seth Meyers is coming to Washington.

Ahead of Late Night’s four-day tour of Washington, host Seth Meyers gives Capitol File some details on the show’s Oct. 10-13 broadcast from the Warner Theatre, a spot familiar to Meyers. “I’ve done stand-up shows at the Warner before. It’s a great old theater, and I think it will be a fun venue,” he tells Amy Moeller. Meyers is hoping to bank on audience energy for those shows, which will merge pop culture and politics.

While politics may seem like a natural source of material for the former SNL Weekend Update writer, Meyers tells Capitol File it took him a year to go there, but when he did, it “gave a sense of direction that we’ve sort of been embracing ever since.”

And that approach is purposely not both-sideism:

Just don’t expect any feigned nonpartisanship. “All good comedy comes from people that have a strong point of view,” Meyers explains. “One of the things we’ve embraced on this show is that point of view. We worry far more about taking the way we feel and making it funny as opposed to coming in every day and saying, ‘If we make a joke about that side, we have to make a corresponding joke about the other side.’ We try to be fair and accurate, but that’s more important to us than being evenhanded.”

You can read the full profile here, and check out this link for tickets.