Twitter Feed @F*ckaTherapist Gets Animated

LA based singer-songwriter Seven Davis Jr.’s comical sideline is set to attract even more fans. To his six thousand or so @f*ckatherapist Twitter followers, he can now add a burgeoning number of YouTube viewers for his stream of couch-consciousness.

The story of how this new Web series came about is reminiscent of the CBS-Sh*t My Dad Says axiom. Davis’ Twitter feed caught the attention of Jason Cilo, president of Meetinghouse Productions. Cilo liked what he read, tracked down Davis and set up a spinoff that will update with new episodes every couple of weeks.

The Web would have probably have also been a better uncensored forum for Sh*t My Dad Says. In the case of Davis’ visualized therapy adventures, he benefited from an introduction to The Simpsons writer Billy Kimball and, subsequently, Austin, TX show partner Powerhouse Animation.

Perhaps the ultimate measure of success for this F-a-T enterprise will be when it brings in enough revenue to cover Davis’ therapy bills. Or gets him to a point where he can ditch the one-hour lie-downs.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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