SGN Opens Cross Promotion Network for iPhone Game Developers

With the coming launch of the iPhone OS 3.0, developers are expecting a lot of new apps to hit the app store. In an attempt to help the up and coming developers compete, SGN has opened up some of their resources with the launch of a free cross-promotional network. Developer Punch Entertainment has signed up as a launch partner with its viral titles such as Reign of Swords.

With successful games (with Facebook Connect support) such as iBowl, Agency Wars, and Mafia: Respect & Retaliation, the network of users from SGN encompasses 12 million downloads – many potential users to see any SGN partner game.

It works through in-game banner ads. SGN users will be offered opportunities to download and play any partner game that is displayed with the incentive of points within the various SGN titles. Of course, while the team-up is free, any revenue made from a download through the system is split, but based on the acclamations of Punch Entertainment, the positive results certainly make the “cost” worth it.

“SGN has provided a great platform for us to expand our gaming applications among a larger user base,” said Punch Entertainment CEO and Founder Tobin Lent. “Gaming has proven to have a huge appeal on the iPhone and, with so many gaming apps out there, it can be overwhelming for users. This cross-promotional platform will bring entertaining games straight to the consumer.”

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