Shep Smith — Anchor, Journalist, Foodie?

You may not know this, but Fox News anchor Shepard Smith loves talking about food -- and although he's no Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain, he does love his culinary adjectives

You may not know this, but Fox News anchor Shepard Smith loves talking about food — and although he’s no Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain, he does love his culinary adjectives.

As is tradition for Shep, he critiqued the menu at the White House lunch before the State of the Union yesterday. This year, however, he told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace that this “may have been the best lunch of these lunches” he’s ever had.

Making sure to stay on course, Shep began by describing the lunch’s salad to Wallace: “With the salad, there was bacon encrusted with sugar. Victor Emmanuel, our producer back in the booth in NY, used to for Christmas occasionally give me bacon that was dipped in chocolate and it came from a Lower East Side little confectioners place and it was really good. This, however, though missing the chocolate – bacon with sugar is my favorite food today.”

Wallace: “Well, Mrs. Sunday’s whose got a new cookbook out next week. I just want to quickly say that she does a thing with maple syrup on the bacon – it’s sensational.”

Later, Shep went into the Cuban-themed entrée with Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), “You know what I’ve learned? The White House has good cooks.”

Stefanik: “This is what I hear, I was listening to the menu.”

“Every year since you were like seventeen, I’ve been talking about the menus over there at the White House,” said Shep. “We’ve gotten to the entrée portion. There are people at home waiting so I don’t think you’d mind. It was aged rib eye which they sliced kind of thin – it was about medium to medium-rare along with caramelized plantains. So you had the banana-like plantains and then the ones that were stripped like chips – I thought maybe it was a nod to the new Cuba policy, but it was delicious if you like caramelized plantains which I really do. That came with chorizo and black bean chimichurri. it all just came together so nicely, there was a little bit of the fat on the end – cut that part off and really enjoyed it. It was quite a lunch.”

And for dessert.. He asked FOX News National correspondent, Garrett Tenney, “Have you ever had a pavlova?”

Tenney: “No, I have not.”

Smith: “I hadn’t either. I think maybe I had, but I didn’t know to call it a pavlova. This one was a grapefruit pavlova. It was part of the dessert today at the White House lunch. Do you want to hear more?”

Tenney: “Of course.”

“Thanks for playing along,” joked Shep. “I looked it up here and Wikipedia is not a source in our newsrooms, it is not a source on ‘Shepard Smith Reporting,’ but it is for pavlova. Pavlova is a meringue based dessert named of the Russian ballet dancer anna pavlova – so it has nothing to do with Pavlov’s dog and it’s a very big deal in Australia and New Zealand. I gotta tell you there Garrett, it was some kind of scrumpdelicious today – it came along with some milk chocolate ice cream. There was some ice cream there on the side and then some sort of lemony crunchy thing on the bottom and then that piece of meringue which was really too hard to break with your spoon but I didn’t have a knife by then so I didn’t really know what to do. The trials and tribulations of daily life in this city, you know what I’m saying. And then there was some coffee that went along with that and yes, they had the blue sugar – Equal. It was a perfect ending to a perfect lunch.”

Maybe Shep can get his own Food Network show on the side? Call it “Meet the Chefs” or “Face the Bacon.”

Watch Shep describe his culinary adventure below, courtesy of FOX News.

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