ShopIgniter Measures 'Commerce Influence' On Facebook

ShopIgniter says its newest Facebook commerce platform includes influence measurement.

What do you get when you cross a tool that measures Facebook influence with a social commerce platform?

ShopIgniter bills itself as the first resource of its kind that measures commerce influence across social media channels.

The application enables retailers and brands to quantify their most influential customers, products and promotions.

ShopIgniter’s commerce influence scoring system enables retailers or brands to score customers in the context of their specific industry, which differs from the more generalized measurements of Klout.

For example, Nike Golf, which has a low generic Klout score but a high commerce influence score in the ShopIgniter system, due to the amount of golfing content shared — and then engaged with by the retailer’s network.

ShopIgniter’s algorithm measures not just dollars spent by a customer but also 10 key social, product and commerce related activities, such as shares, links, referrals, referred revenue generated, and friend reach.

In addition to Nike Golf, Kaenon and Generation Orange are among ShopIgniter’s clients.

ShopIgniter is one of several new social media tools that is taking on Klout directly in the influence measuring arena. Booshaka is working with Facebook page owners that include presidential contenders and artists, such as Lady Gaga, to find and reward their Facebook fans.

All of these new platforms share a common goal: Enabling better microtargeting, whether you’re a politician, major brand, small business or large company.

ShopIgniter aims to identify the best and most active customers and find ways to engage them — and ultimately boost spending — through targeted promotions and coupons.

Readers, what do you think of the ability to measure commerce influence across social media channels?

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