Shopkick goes visual to encourage at-home browsing

Shopkick, the location-based shopping app that incentivizes real-world shopping trips has revamped its user interface to improve its “at home” experience.

The new version of the app now comes with catalogue-style lookbooks that users can browse through and save products from. When a Shopkick user enters a participating retailer, the app displays an onscreen reminder if the store sells one of the user’s saved products. It also now includes a map feature called Out & About that shows users where to find participating retailers and deals.

According to Cyriac Roeding, Shopkick’s CEO and co-founder, the new design better reflects how the app is actually used. While the average “Shopkicker” uses the app nine days a month, only a third of those logins are actually conducted in a store.

“Shopkick 3.0 is all about inspiring our users to visit the stores they love, find products they should know about, and remember the ones they saved at home by alerting them when they walk into the store to get their walk-in rewards,” he said.

The app, which now boasts more than four million users, rewards its members for shopping, browsing and scanning selected products with their smartphone cameras with collectible loyalty points called Kicks. Users can exchange Kicks for gift cards at participating retailers, movie tickets, high-end merchandise, free song downloads and more.

Shopkick is backed by $20 million in venture funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Reid Hoffman and Greylock Partners. Since launching two years ago, Shopkick’s users have walked into its partner store over 10 million times.