Showtime’s Shameless Attempt at a Facebook Messenger Bot

The bot enables Showtime to engage with fans in fun ways that mimic the tone of Shameless

Where is Shameless? Ask the Messenger bot - Credit by Showtime
Headshot of David Cohen

A new Messenger bot from Showtime is Shameless about providing no customer service whatsoever.

That’s not a knock on the bot: It wasn’t created for that purpose.

Showtime said the four main messages it typically receives via Facebook Messenger are:

  • When is Shameless coming back?
  • Where is Mickey?
  • Where is Shameless?
  • Sentiments of love for the show.

The bot responds to those, as well as offering quizzes; providing deep links into Showtime’s streaming service bringing users directly to episodes, character profiles and alerts; and even recipes.

The premium cable network said the Messenger bot enables it to engage with fans in fun ways that mimic the tone of Shameless. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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