Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple: Average Salaries In Silicon Valley [INFOGRAPHIC]

Silicon Valley is going through yet another boom, with the tech job market seeing growth that exceeds even the dot com expansion in the 90s.

At the time of writing there are some 48,000 jobs at internet companies in the Valley. In the past year alone, unemployment has fallen from 11% to 8.5%, and there are no signs that things are slowing down.

This infographic from Q&A and research hub Focus analyses how much you can make if you’re fortunate enough to work in Silicon Valley, and asks: with the area’s incredibly high cost of living, is it actually worth it?

Highlights from the visual:

  • The top-paid engineers at Google can expect to rake in $180,000 per annum, compared with $155,000 at LinkedIn, $150,000 at Facebook and $125,000 at Twitter
  • A software engineer who works at Silicon Valley earns an average of $90,000 (across all companies), compared to the national average of $72,000 (for the same position)
  • The average tech salary across all positions in the Valley is $92,299. To achieve the same standard of living would cost $74,808 in New York and just $43,459 in Dallas

(Source: Focus.)

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