Single Facebook Users Are More Negative Than Others

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Facebook has released some interesting findings about how positive or negative people are, based on their profile relationship status. Since Sep 8, 2007, Facebook’s Data Scientists have been studying a user metric called the USA Gross National Happiness Index which was used in this latest analysis.

The “USA GNH Index” metric, or GNH, is calculated based on the averaged use of positive and negative words in the status updates of Facebook users. The GNH widget does not yet show stats for Valentines’s Day 2010, but stats for Valentine’s Day 2009 suggest that “positivity” is the 2nd lowest for any of the important days or holidays in the United States. Only Father’s Day 2009 had a (slightly) lower positivity index than Valentine’s Day 2009. The highest “positive” day in 2009 was Christmas, slightly edging out Thanksgiving.

Facebook’s Data team has also been studying positivity and negativity by relationship groups, and they just published some interesting findings:

  • Married couples are happier than non-married couples and singles.
  • Women are more likely to report being in an open relationship than men, and tend to be happier about it.
  • Men are more positive than women when married or involved, and simultaneous more negative when married or engaged.
  • 30% of female and 40% of male Facebook users are listed as single.

One of the more surprising findings is that Facebook users who don’t display their relationship status “are 50% more negative than everyone else.”

So, if you fall into any of these categories and your boss is in your Facebook network, you might want to think twice about posting your next complaint, even if it’s unrelated to work.

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