Slashdot Founder Joins Washington Post

Rob Malda, who founded geek news site Slashdot in 1997, has joined the Washington Post as chief strategist and editor-at-large at Washington Post Labs.

He resigned from Slashdot in August and announced the new move this morning, saying that after three months of relaxing, “my wife [was] telling me that it was time to get out of her house.”

At the Post, he’ll be working with editorial folks on existing projects (like Trove and Social Reader) and creating new ones.

“Don Graham is trying to accomplish something that is a bit of a cliche these days: A startup inside an established corporation. A group that can exist at a nexus between newspapers, websites, cable networks, and TV stations and think about the big picture and the future without the normal burdens associated with a business operating at a large scale,” Malda wrote. “I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from the journalists at the Post, and work to in turn provide them with tools to help them better connect with their audience, and at the same time help that audience to better connect with each other. I see a future that blends the created, the curated and the algorithm in new ways that benefits both active and passive information consumers. It’s a mouthful, but it’s important work, and it’s being done at the WaPo Labs.”

(h/t Jim Romenesko)

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