SlideShare App Now Posts PowerPoint Presentations to Facebook and LinkedIn

A reworked application from SlideShare makes it easy to share presentations on Facebook, and offers an indirect connection between Facebook and LinkedIn.

SlideShare is a service for sharing PowerPoint, OpenOffice, or Keynote presentations. The updated application will now share any material posted to either Facebook or SlideShare with the other site. And adding SlideShare’s application for LinkedIn gives you the power to post presentations and documents to all three sites from any one.

You’ll need to register for a SlideShare account to use the service. Once you have an account, you can easily link it to both Facebook and LinkedIn and begin sharing content across all three. You can also add a SlideShow box to your Facebook profile to keep make your presentations easier to find for customers and clients, and you’ll have the ability to favorite and comment on presentations posted by friends and colleagues.

The connection between Facebook and LinkedIn, though indirect, is unique and should be beneficial to businesses posting company presentations or information, and to job seekers that want a dynamic way to display a resume. It’s rare to find an application that bridges these two sites, and having the ability to automatically post in both is a big time saver. The interface is essentially the same across all three sites to make uploading easy and familiar.

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