SlideShare Upgrades Facebook App for Redistribution

SlideShare, the social network for creating and sharing presentations, has revealed the updated version of its Facebook application today, with more interconnectivity between the SlideShare network and users’ Facebook profiles. What you share on SlideShare can become automatically shared on Facebook, and vice versa.

Previously, presentations shared on Facebook had to be manually uploaded. Now there is an option to share a presentation on Facebook during the upload process on SlideShare. Additionally, presentations uploaded directly through the SlideShare application on Facebook are displayed in your SlideShare account as well.
What this new feature boils down to is an effect also achieved through Facebook Connet support, especially for those services that would not like to create an entire application to create a presence on Facebook. The result of upgrading its application means that content added to SlideShare can be further redistributed across the web. The easier it is for you to do this, the further the SlideShare brand can go.

Targeting the Facebook network for the new sharing option is good for SlideShare for multiple reasons. On the one hand, Facebook is a very large network with millions of users. When an individual shares media on Facebook, their friends are more likely to view it if it’s of personal value to them.
Additionally, the Facebook platform has made it easier for developers and third party sites to enable this type of cross-network sharing. But more importantly, Facebook is being used on an increasingly professional level, whether to find a new job, connect with colleagues or build your own personal brand. So for SlideShare, it was important for it to provide a way to share online presentations easily and automatically through a user’s wider social network.
Seeing as SlideShare already had a similar linking process for LinkedIn users, SlideShare is merely broadening the number of places in which your SlideShare content can be viewed across the web. But it also reiterates my point that SlideShare is targeting a rather professional crowd with its service and its cross-network sharing capabilities.