Smart Phone Users Taking Action on Ads

More than a third of high-use smart phone users (defined as those who download mobile content from the Web at least once at day or close to it) are taking action on mobile advertisements, according to the results of a new research study on smart phone usage patterns. 
Interpublic Group’s Universal McCann, with support from research firm Questus, conducted the study earlier this year. It was sponsored by Platform-A, a unit of Time Warner’s AOL.
The study found that smart phone users are clicking on ads (53 percent), requesting more information or a coupon (35 percent) and making purchases via their handsets (24 percent). 
Detailed findings of the study will be presented at the OMMA Mobile Conference in New York on April 29.
“The smart phone is a great convenience for many Americans, enabling them to access Internet content anywhere and anytime,” said Stuart Rodnick, director of strategic insights at Platform-A. 
The study reports Web-enabled devices have helped users to consume media throughout their daily routine, with 82 percent of respondents reporting that they use mobile devices at work and 81 percent saying they use them while shopping.
The mobile Web has also become a ritual with commuters, who use it as part of their workday commute. Currently, nearly one of every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on a mobile device, per the study, and six of every 10 consumers expect their mobile Internet usage to increase significantly over the next two years.
“Much has changed in two years,” said Graeme Hutton, director of consumer insights at UM, in a statement. “Our 2007 global mobile study demonstrated just how much the U.S. lagged behind other developing nations. Now mobile is less about ‘wireless online’ and more about being a highly personal, customized medium. Smart phone users are reaching for their devices to help answer unmet needs. Services that don’t have dedicated mobile formats are going to miss out on this huge and continual media consumption shift.”
The study polled 1,800 participants online who frequently surf the Web with their mobile devices. In addition, smaller panel samples kept daily usage diaries and video logs.   
Sponsor Platform-A owns Third Screen Media, a mobile ad-serving platform and network that enables advertising on mobile devices.
UM said it would use data compiled from the study to provide proprietary insights for the media agency’s clients on a case-by-case basis.