SmartyPig Makes Mobile Banking Social

Social banking service SmartyPig is going mobile today, with compatibility for the iPhone, Blackberry and a number of other cellular devices. From the mobile site, SmartyPig users will be able to access their account information while on the go. They can also view the current status of their savings goals and their friends’ goals. Other functions for the new mobile offering include the ability to track the history of a transaction, and make any additional transfers directly from the cell phone.
Along with iPhone optimization, SmartyPig has taken several other handsets into account when creating the new mobile site. The upcoming Palm Pre, HTC, Blackberry and Android are all supported by SmartyPig.

Adding mobile support was a great next step for SmartyPig, which has seen several requests from users. The update enhances the overall SmartyPig service and brings the company that much closer to having a robust feature set that establishes it as a true banking service.
Take into consideration SmartyPig’s previous OFX integration, which enables users to track their goals inside other online money managment sites like Mint and Wesabe, the mobility of SmartyPig is becoming a far-reaching feature that’s moving the company forward. It’s clear that both technological capabilities as well as accessibility were two important facets for SmartyPig to concentrate on in order to grow, and the company is putting its service in front of as many users as possible regardless of their device, location, or online banking tool of choice.
Of course, the social aspect of SmartyPig is one of its central and crowning features, and even through SmartyPig’s recent developments it’s clear that the company is staying focused on social banking, even in its OFX offering. Bringing these social banking features to the mobile arena is a unique advancement from what we’ve seen in the larger space. There are several ways in which this conjunction can be expounded upon, especially as SmartyPig is turning to other banking services in order to spread its own reach. I’m anticipating a continued push from SmartyPig on this end.

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