More SMBs Use LinkedIn Than Facebook or Twitter [Infographic]

Inc. surveyed CEOs to find out how they're using technology and social media.

Social media is increasingly important for marketing and customer service. The low barrier to entry on social media make it a particularly good medium for small to medium business looking to attract and engage with potential customers. But how do SMBs feel about social networks? Inc. polled CEOs of companies that appeared on their “Inc. 500” list to find out.

The vast majority of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: 87 percent used Linkedin, 85 percent use Facebook and 75 percent use Twitter. Google+ doesn’t even seem to be in the running, and the next network after the big three is Pinterest, with only 27 percent of companies use it.

Despite Google+ not appearing in the infographic, 30 percent of CEOs believe Google is the most innovative company. Twenty-nine percent answered Apple, and 20 percent say Tesla.

When it comes to social media management, it seems that younger companies are more aware of its importance. Sixty-three percent say that a social media expert contributes to their social feeds, 34 percent say they contribute themselves. Thirty-one percent say everyone on staff contributes, which can be a great idea. Unfortunately, 13 percent still have ‘an intern’ on the job.

To see which technologies CEOs think will be disruptive in the future, or to see their opinion on patent trolling, view the infographic below:

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