Snapchat Debuts Leaderboard Games on Its Snap Games Platform

Users playing simultaneously can follow each other’s scores and chat

Slide the Shakes was developed by Snap Inc.’s in-house game studio Snapchat

Snapchat’s Snap Games platform introduced Leaderboard Games, which enable people to compete against their friends, both online and offline.

Leaderboard Games are hyper-casual and easy to play, and they enable players to challenge their friends to see who winds up with high scores.

A new Score Streaming feature enables Snapchatters to follow their friends’ scores in real-time when they are simultaneously playing Leaderboard Games in the same chat.

The new games also feature Bitmoji avatars of players’ friends.

The first two Leaderboard Games, both developed by Snap Inc.’s in-house game studio, are: Find My Friends, in which players receive points for picking their friends out of crowds in crazy scenes; and Slide the Shakes, where the object is to serve milkshakes by sliding the along the counter while navigating moving platforms, slippery ice and wrecking balls.

Find My Friends

Snapchatters looking to try out Leaderboard Games can type chat or swipe right on the friends screen, open a chat or group chat and tap the rocket icon to open the messaging application’s Game Drawer. Leaderboard games will have trophy icons.

When friends are playing simultaneously, they can chat via text or voice during the games.

Snapchat unveiled real-time multiplayer gaming platform Snap Games in April. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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