So Long CNN’s ‘Crossfire’

Crossfire304x200CNN officially canned “Crossfire” today, as first reported by TVNewser.

The program, which has been on hiatus, was relaunched in September 2013 with co-hosts Newt Gingrich, Van Jones, Stephanie Cutter, and S.E. Cupp. But after its 2013 revival, it was pulled from the network’s lineup in March for coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, to return in May, only to be removed from programming again in July for coverage of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight in Ukraine.

Gingrich, Jones, Cutter, and Cupp will remain with the network while staff positions are not yet clear.

In the past two days, the network has canceled “Sanjay Gupta, MD,” “CNN Money,” and “Unguarded.” The shows’ hosts remain with CNN while some staff are a part of the network’s plans to lay off 170 people in Washington, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. HLN’s “Jane Valez Mitchell” was also canceled, with show staff and host departing.

For those affected in the Washington bureau, CNN is offering counseling services…until 6pm.

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