40% of Twitter Profiles Use an Adblocker

40% of Twitter Profiles Use an Adblocker

New platform Ello is generating interest with the promise of advertising-free social networking, positioning itself as the “anti-Facebook” within the space.

Of course, it’s not just Facebook that shows ads to social media users; Twitter does, too. However, a new study has revealed that two in five Twitter users have an adblocker installed on their internet browser, second only behind Reddit amongst all social channels.

More than half of Reddit users (52 percent) in the United States use an adblocker, compared to 40 percent on Twitter and Google+, reports GlobalWebIndex.

40% of Twitter Profiles Use an Adblocker

It’s worth noting that most adblockers don’t actually block promoted tweets (although many do block Facebook ads). Adblock Plus wrote an open letter to Twitter last year asking them to join its Acceptable Ads initiative, but as far as I know never received a response. So the vast majority of promoted tweets are getting through.

However, if Twitter ever does decide to play ball that’s a large chunk of users that who won’t see promoted tweets.

(Source: GlobalWebIndex. No entry image via Shutterstock.)