Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: How Advertisers Are Spending On Social [SURVEY]

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: How Advertisers Are Spending On Social [SURVEY]

Advertisers are increasing their spend on social, but not necessarily on social advertising, according to a new survey from Ad Age.

The survey of 1,682 Ad Age readers – executives at marketing, agency and media companies – discovered that advertisers are increasing their social media marketing budgets, but they’re not necessarily spending a significant portion of this on social ads. Instead, they’re focusing more on managing their accounts.

45 percent of respondents say they spend 1 to 10 percent of their overall marketing budget on social media, and 38 percent say they spend more than 30 percent.

Facebook is still the dominant platform, with 84 percent of respondents using the social giant. Following Facebook, Twitter is used by 74 percent of respondents and YouTube by 56 percent.

Twitter appears to be the network on the rise, as 63 percent say they expect to increase spending on the network in the next year – more than the 59 percent who said they would do the same on Facebook.

Advertisers appear to be dipping their toes into the waters of Twitter ads, with 73 percent reporting that they’ve tested out Twitter’s ad products, 79 percent of whom have used Promoted Tweets.

Despite these tests, advertisers are still uncertain of advertising on Twitter. 65 percent say they spend less than 10 percent or none of their Twitter budget on paid ads, preferring instead to use their budget to support the maintenance of the account.

And, interestingly, advertisers found the ROI for mobile ads on both Facebook and Twitter to be higher than desktop. 44 percent of respondents believed that Twitter’s mobile ROI was greater than desktop, while just 8.6 percent felt that desktop provided the greater ROI.


(Source: Ad Age; Image via Quka / Shutterstock.com)