Social Bingo Title Bingo Tunes Launches on Facebook

Bingo TunesBingo fans have a new experience available to them on Facebook: Bingo Tunes. The game is described as a twist on the traditional Bingo experience, and it provides players with various themed rooms, as well as the ability to make Bingos in a variety of shapes, lines and patterns. Rooms include those for pop and country music, among others, and the type of room may change the basic kind of Bingo gamers will play.

Players spend tokens to purchase cards for each game, and can play on up to four cards at once. From there, numbers are called in a traditional Bingo fashion, and players earn experience points for each number they correctly daub. As players daub numbers, a power-up bar charges in the corner of the screen. When filled, players can click a button to trigger a boost in their game, from a coin bonus to freely daubed squares, and so on.Bingo Tunes 2While the Pop Music room offers traditional play (for instance), the Rendezvous room changes things up by challenging players to daub specifically colored squares in order to move a girl and boy closer to each other at the bottom of each card. When they meet in the middle, players have earned a Bingo. Each game runs until a specified number of Bingos have been claimed across the total player pool.

As players complete Bingos across different lines and orientations, they earn checkmarks in pattern collections. When players complete a collection of Bingo patterns, they’ll receive special rewards for their account. For social features, players can chat with others in real time during each Bingo round.

Once players run out of tokens to purchase Bingo cards, they’ll need to wait for some tokens to recharge for free, or can purchase them with real money.

Bingo Tunes is available to play for free on Facebook, and is coming soon to additional platforms.

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