Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – The Top Car Brands On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Based on total number of followers, Audi ranks as the top car brand on Twitter, with its near half-million tally significantly above that of Lexus, Ford and Porsche.

But hold on. When it comes to Twitter engagement – which, after all, is what really matters – Audi rates fifth overall, behind Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini and Dodge.

On Facebook, BMW and Ferrari dominate when measured in Likes, but it’s Aston Martin and Maserati who generate the biggest response from fans.

And on YouTube? Incredibly, Kia have racked up the most video views, but don’t even rate in the top ten for engagement. This infographic from Reputation Radar looks at the top car brands on social media.

(Source: Reputation Radar. Orange Porsche image: Julien Haler via Flickr.)

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