Social games news roundup

Overhaul Games wants help putting Baldur’s Gate on Android — Overhaul Games is planning to launch Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition on Android but wants some player insight about which Android devices they should prioritize for the release. If you have an opinion about what device you’d like to see the game on, head over to the official forums.

Magneto squares off against Hydra in Avengers Alliance — I swear, Marvel: Avengers Alliance is trying to re-tell the Acts of Vengeance storyline from the 1980s. In Chapter 11 of Avengers Alliance, Magneto “declares a grand plan for New York” and suddenly his mutant forces wind up in an bloody free for all with Hydra and the Red Skull.

Moonlight Online getting a new look — IGG’s Moonlight Online is about to get a brand new redesign that will be far less cutesy than before.  “We’ve done away with all the mushiness and shininess of any teen pop movies,” IGG says. The new version of Moonlight Online will be available for free download on March 20, 6:30 PM.

Max Awesome hits Google Play [Launch] — Chillingo launched Rebel Crew Games’ Max Awesome on Google Play this week. The game contains 60 levels where players guide the titular Max on his quest to achieve daredevil fame and glory. You can also challenge your friends in the game via Facebook.

Aliens are coming to SimCity Social — SimCity Social’s latest update is bringing the UFOs back to the game. The game’s about to undergo an alien invasion, so players are being tasked with ramping up their cities’ defenses ahead of the attack (which is set to start in two days).

Eat Eat Hooray! comes to iOS [Launch] — The Playforge, developer behind Zombie Farm and Zombie Farm 2, this week announced its newest iOS game Eat Eat Hooray! Players have to help the Morps rebuild their capitol city and travel to other worlds as they seek to undo the mischief created by “renowned dinosaur wizard” Rasputin.

Totems goes up on iOS [Launch] — Mobile developer Timecode just released its first game, Totems, for iOS. Totems is a strategy board game where players strive to conquer the most pieces of territory on the map. The game is currently on sale for $0.99, but will normally sell at $1.99.